Thursday, April 22, 2010

ermmm really?









hUiLiN said...

wo bu ming pai, liew yen eit! LOL

senaiboy said...

huilin let me translate for you.

you me X X X love X de X X people. X X X X is X X three people X middle punya satu, but love X heart ..

get it? okay .. i don't either. lol :P

li said...

sounds pathetic but overall it's quite's all about hw u think.

senaiboy said...

huilin .. let me translate it again for you ;)


The person that we once loved before, is nothing but just one among all the mortal beings. But because love comes from within the heart, when you believe he/she is the love of your life, when you feel that you love her, and you love her wholeheartedly, you'll feel that she's the most precious. But as with everything else, life goes on, and he/she is just one of the passers-by in your life.

We'll never know if that person really is the love of our life, if you don't know how to appreciate, the person by your side whom you love/who loves you, one day, will also become one of the passers-by in your life.

Finding someone you love is not easy, finding someone who loves you is also not easy. If you can't decide if that person is the love of your life, why not when you become someone else's lover, cherish the feelings you both had? Love comes from within the heart, if you tell yourself you love him/her, naturally you will be able to fall in love with him/her.

If the person you love doesn't love you, also remember: love comes from within the heart. It's you who set your sights on him/her too much, try to let go of that focus, you'll find that there are 'bright candles'(??) everywhere.

Love or not, is nothing but something that's only said.

The past that had gone by, the love that has passed by, just let it go, it is just a part of our lives, one drop of water in the vast ocean, one speck of dust in this endless (something). Without these past, there will not be the person we are now.

Treasure the past, is always better than being undecided (regret?).


Sorry for the bad translation (and mistakes) haha, but it's almost literally what the blog post is :P

Chia Huan said...

Siaw....the first translation -->LOL...the second translation...geng...=)...

Dr.Liew...too free ka? thought u busy with elective report? =P Jia you!!=)

hUiLiN said...

Lol! Thanks for the translation!! :) Wo ming pai lerrrr :P

jackie liew yen eit said...

wasai siaw! good job good job!did u translate it urself?

hui lin, i wanted to help but u know la i have very limited vocab haha, but luckily we have siaw.

li- i was confussed when i read it haha but i think thats the reality lo.

chia huan- i just finished my report hahaha, bye bye spss, bye bye p value, bye bye odd ratio

senaiboy said...

ahem. wo ye shi hua ren ma :P